privacy policy

1. For the acquisition of personal information
GOKAN, we will get the proper personal information regardless of the deception or other wrongful means.
2. Use of Personal Information
GOKAN is, the personal information within the scope necessary for the achievement of the following purposes, we will use.
On cases, you consent beforehand person to use personal information for purposes indefinite below
Performed you.
(1) answer and materials sent for your request and inquiries of quote
(2) shipping of items ordered
(3) seminar information, and provides information about various products and services
3. For safety management of personal information
GOKAN handles personal information leakage, prevent other of loss or damage
You take necessary and appropriate measures for safety management of personal information.
4. For consignment of personal information
GOKAN is to entrust all or part of the handling of personal information to third parties
If you conduct a rigorous investigation regarding the third party, the safety of personal information that has been entrusted with handling
Make the necessary and appropriate supervision for the third party so that management can be achieved.
In addition, third parties and co-consulting, privacy mark application, Niokimashite ISMS application business
You might want to entrust the handling of personal information when performing a business by the same.
5. For third party provision of personal information
GOKAN, except the case with laws and regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, etc., personal information
Without obtaining the advance of the person in question agree, I do not provided to third parties.
6. For disclosure, correction of personal information
GOKAN is, if there is a request disclosure of the person in question own personal information from,
I will promptly disclose.
At that time, if you can not confirm that it is your identity, it does not respond to the disclosure.
The contents of the personal information in there is an error, if there is a request for correction, addition, deletion from the person in question, on the investigation, and fast
Ya will correspond to these claims to whether.
At that time, if it is not confirmed that it is your identity does not respond to these claims.
7. Organization and Structure
GOKAN, we will implement appropriate management and continuous improvement of personal information.
8. Changes to this policy
The contents of this policy are subject to change.
For this policy after the change, except for the case where GOKAN specifies otherwise, and to those of site
It is assumed to produce the effect from the time in which it appears